Membership Requirements
and WASSA Code of Ethics

Each person applying for membership in WASSA, will be required to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Club, whereby members shall consider the welfare of Shelties of paramount importance when engaged in activities of owning, breeding, exhibiting and selling dogs.

  • Dogs shall be provided with adequate shelter, nutrition, socialization, and veterinarian care. They shall be maintained in a healthy and happy environment.

For those members who breed their dogs:

  • Breeders shall endeavour to maintain and improve breed quality when breeding a litter.
  • Breeding partners shall be mature, fit, and sound. It is recommended that breeders avail themselves of available genetic testing on breeding stock such as hip, OFA, eye CERF, VetGen vWD, and thyroid TgAA tests prior to breeding their animals, and further provide copies of such testing to all puppy buyers upon request.
  • No bitch shall be bred more than two out of three successive seasons.
  • Unspayed bitches and male dogs placed as pets and not intended for future breeding should be registered with the CKC Non-Breeding Form (In Canada).
  • Members shall endeavour to ensure any Sheltie discharged from their care will go to a home where they will be respected and happy during their lifetime.
  • Members shall word advertisements so as not to be misleading or misrepresentative of themselves of their dogs.
  • Members shall not supply dogs to pet shops or dealers or for raffle of give-away prizes.
  • Members shall clearly define show quality and pet quality stock to prospective purchasers.
  • Members shall comply with the provisions of the Livestock Act and the By-Laws of the CKC with respect to litter and individual registration and transfer of ownership (in Canada).
  • Puppies shall not be sold until they are fully weaned, vet checked, vaccinated, permanently identified with a CKC approved tattoo or microchip and not until such time as they are fit to go to new homes. The purchaser shall be given full information regarding care, feeding, training and grooming, as well as copies of all pertinent paperwork, pedigrees, etc.
  • Members shall not engage in breeding, selling or buying of non-purebred dogs, other than for rescue purposes.

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