WASSA Shelties

We hope you enjoy these photos of some of our club members' dogs, doing what they do best - being shelties and having fun!


Amy is owned by club member Nancy and her husband Harold. She is five years old and likes going for walks, car rides, boat rides and play frisbee. She is doing well in obedience and finished her CDX in April 2009. Nancy and Amy are now working on their utility title.

Amber and Treasure

Amber and Treasure are half sisters and pride and joy of club member Linda and her family. The two girls spend most of their time together and have done some agility. Lind has also tried Amber in herding and they both serve as bed warmers at night. 

Brodie and Flynn

Brodie and Flynn are owned by club member Sarah, who along with her third Sheltie, not pictured, are the love of her life and best friends. Sarah is active in conformation and obedience and these wonderful companions keep her busy and on her feet.

Diesel and Skye

Diesel and Skye are the first two shelties belonging to club member Claudia and she has been hooked on the breed ever since! Diesel is a St. John's Ambulance therapy Dog. Claudia is hoping to get started them started in obedience in the near future! 

Finnegan and McKai 

Bio Coming Soon!


Freska is club member Kim's bundle of energy! She loves car rides especially sticking her head out the window enjoying the wind, long walks, going to work with Kim, and playing ball. She also loves chasing the water from the hose! She also loves to herd sheep and also has the true sheltie characteristics.


Girly was rescued from Northern Manitoba a few years ago and was adopted by club members Roy and Manon, along with their other rescued shelties and their fours cats. 


Keira is a tri-colour sheltie owned and loved by club member Elaine and her husband Carter. Keira earned her championship at 11 months of age, and is currently being trained in obedience. She loves going to class and loves her daily walks and is a real ball dog and would retrieve her ball forever.


Kiwi is one of several rescues taken in by Club Members Carl and Linda and enjoys spending her time with other rescued shelties in the household.


Levi has earned many titles in conformation, obedience, agility and rally. Terry's hope is that they continue and earn some more titles before they are done. Levi was bred by Terry's daughter, and she would like to thank Michelle for producing this fantastic dog and for letting her pick him.


Meadow is a 4 year old bi-black Sheltie owned by club members Janet and Don. Also known as Miss Meadow, she is well deserving of her registered name "Look Who's Talking". 


Owned by club member Michelle, Miley loves just about everything and is always entertaining herself with her pile of toys. She also always takes time to smell the flowers! 


Prairie is owned and much loved by club members Meagan and Christian. Her favorite past times include fetching a stick, ball, frisbee...or anything else that can be thrown. She loves playing with her new little brother Solo.


Presley is owned by club member Paula and her family, and likes to spend her time playing with the cats. 

Rascal and Roxy

Club members Tracy and Vic are grateful that their Shelties Rascal and Roxy joined their family. These two little Angels enrich their lives with joy and enthusiasm and everyday they are reminded that true joy comes from the simplest things.

Rogue, Reckless, and Argus
(Left to Right)

These shelties belong to Club Member's Laurie and Keith. They are a joy to be with and have participated in therapy work, herding, flyball, rally-o, freestyle and regular obedience - but seem to have their best fun running agility with their "Mom". 


Rosie came in club members Kerry and Brett's lives as a retired show dog and was an absolute gem. One of her favourite things in life were going for truck rides, walks in the field, pizza, and french fries. She loved to lay in the sun on warm sunny days and holds a very special place in Kerry and Brett's hearts.


Sam is a champion in the show ring, and a champion at home playing ball. He loves to herd sheep, as well as herd the household cats but can also be seen chasing after his sister Sienna. His love and joy is what makes him so special. He is a real cuddle-muffin and is owned by club member Kathy. 

Sneak and Feist

Bio coming Soon!


Tango is a sable merle owned by club member Joyce M. Tango is very lovable and enjoys putting his head on Joyce's knee when they watch T.V. His best friend is his cat, who is now 16 years old. He is a great companion to Joyce and she loves him dearly. The best part - He knows it!


Taylor is a tri-colour sheltie owned, loved, and spoiled by club members Deborah and Richard. Her favourite pastimes are going for truck rides, playing with her ball, and herding! She has been training in obedience and hopefully will be starting in agility in the near future.

In Memory of Windy

Windy is fondly remembered by club members Jean and Bob.


Wish is a sable and white sheltie owned by club member Betty. She is the heart and soul of Betty and is a champion not only in the conformation ring but also in her home. She knows no stranger and loves to sit on a lap being petted.

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